This is my first adult-hood blog post, and the first of many. I’ve actually been sorta blogging on Instagram, using the post descriptions, but not very regularly. But what I mean is, this is the start of a new blog – my blog. And I’m confident that this one will last because now I know what caused me to fail in previous attempts.

Perfectionism is a show-stopper. I have many drafts of blog posts, but I didn’t finish them because writing them became dreadful. Producing the best content one is able to output can take a long time, and even worse, it can make the task, the writing, so dreadful, that one is left without the will to continue. You just want to get back to creating, or doing something fun. The initial spark gets smashed by perfectionism.

But there’s hope for perfectionists. And it’s the realization that there’s no absolute perfect way of doing things. What is better: publishing a super-polished article a month (if it doesn’t become dreadful enough to end up sabotaging your attempt at starting a blog), or publishing many acceptable blog posts? What is the value of your posts? The perfect writing, or the takeaways, your unique point of view, and the fact that it’s actually published?

This is why I’m adopting a less formal writing style and process: I list the topics of the post, their takeaways, and then let my writing flow, very occasionally going back to rewrite some parts. I’m in the fourth paragraph and I feel it’s going great so far. I’ve called this “sharing almost as-is” to some friends to whom I’ve shared this feeling. It’s a bit like sharing a story to a friend.

Another side-effect of putting out more content, about making many not-as-perfect things v.s. making a single super-polished one, is that you iterate more, you try more, and therefore your learn more, you find out what it works better, what you like best, and as a consequence, you are slowly able to put out better content with less effort. Soon enough, you’ll be able to put out the same quality you were able to at the beginning of your journey, but with a fraction of the effort. And this applies to possibly anything in life.

I hope this encourages more people to be conscious about their goals, and to avoid doing their “best” when it’s actually not their best. Or you’ll be trapped into things like eternally polishing your blog’s css, or writing that post so perfectly that you go at the speed of 1 paragraph/h.

What’s the best use of your time? :) Do your thing!

Love y’all 💙